Our expert witnesses help resolve disputes

A case study on how we make a difference

Weetwood's expert reports are clearly written and have led to the satisfactory resolution of land tribunal and insurance claims

We represent our clients at planning appeal inquiries, primarily addressing the land drainage and flood risk concerns of the local planning authorities. Understanding that the cost and time delays arising from appeals is something that developers wish to avoid, we ensure that our original submissions are as robust as possible.

We work closely with regulatory authorities to remove holding objections prior to determination of applications. Sometimes we are brought in late in the day to address the shortcomings of others based on our enviable track record at appeal – whether through written representations, hearings or inquiry.

Through clear proofs and professional presentation we have helped deliver planning permissions on many multi-million pound development sites. In addition, by contesting the stance of the regulatory authorities we have helped deliver substantial cost savings, the largest (and most recent) being £1.73 million.