Environmental impact assessments

Weetwood is a leading independent consultancy specialising in flood risk, drainage and water management.

We have undertaken numerous Environmental Impact Assessments and our environmental assessment team can advise on all aspects of the EIA process in relation to the water environment (which typically includes flood risk, drainage and water resources).  No matter what the sector, our team will be able to advise on the process and undertake the necessary assessments to help ensure that the relevant element of the EIA is robustly undertaken.

Our expertise covers the following stages of the EIA process:

  • Screening: Environmental Impact Assessment is governed by the Town and Country Planning (EIA) Regulations 2015. We advise on whether a proposed project is likely to have a significant effect on the water environment and therefore whether an assessment is required from this perspective

  • Scoping: We review proposals and undertake a preliminary assessment of baseline conditions to determine the extent of issue that we believe should be considered in the EIA and reported in the Environmental Statement, and conversely which issues can be excluded (scoped out). Usually this takes the form of a formal request for a scoping opinion to the local planning authority.

  • Assessment: We undertake the assessments required to assess the potential environmental effects of the development on the water environment through the construction and operational phases of the development, develop appropriate mitigation measures and help identify any betterment that a development may deliver. We undertake any technical studies that may be required as part of the assessment process and consult with relevant stakeholders.

  • Environmental Statement: We prepare the water environment chapter of the Environmental Statement for a proposed development and work with other members of the project team to ensure that it is consistent with other chapters.

Our technical experts have undertaken numerous Environmental Impact Assessments covering the water environment for a broad range of developments from large residential and residential led mixed use schemes to pipeline projects and wind farms. No matter what the nature or scale of the development, we have the expertise and experience to undertake a thorough assessment and prepare a high quality and robust Environmental Statement chapter.