Expert witness and dispute resolution

Weetwood is a leading independent consultancy specialising in flood risk, drainage and water management.

Our industry recognised experts are technically accomplished, commercially aware and able to analyse and communicate complex technical matters at an appropriate level. For this reason they are in high demand by insurers, legal teams, planning consultants and developers seeking to address matters involving flood risk, drainage, water supply, sewage disposal, water quality, groundwater and coastal and river erosion. Our experts provide advice in two main areas:

  • Planning Appeals: Our experts represent developers at Section 78 Appeal Inquiries addressing concerns or objections raised by, amongst others, the Environment Agency, Natural Resources Wales, lead local flood authorities, water companies, sewerage undertakers and local planning authorities regarding the possible impact of development on the water environment. Our performance in delivering not only successful outcomes but also cost savings for our clients in the implementation of planning decisions is exemplary.

  • Insurance Claims – Our experts provide expert witness services to the insurance industry and their legal teams in respect of major property damage claims arising from flooding and drainage. Such claims might typically be addressed by the Technology and Construction Court of the Queen’s Bench Division of the High Court. Our experts are fully conversant with the requirements of Part 35 of the Civil Procedure Rules and associated Practice Direction and keep up to date by attending courses run by the Academy of Experts. Our experts are also fully experienced in the mediation process and in dealing with professional indemnity claims.

Other Services

  • Our expert reports are clearly written and have led to the satisfactory resolution of claims at Land Tribunals.

  • We have acted as single joint expert witness to help resolve differences between neighbours.

  • We have assisted trustees to demonstrate that they have acted in the best interests of beneficiaries on development land matters.

  • We have successfully challenged the position of sewerage undertakers in blocking new development of the grounds of insufficient foul drainage sewerage and wastewater treatment capacity.

  • We have challenged the stance of the regulatory authorities in contesting the provision of packaged sewage treatment plants in areas not reasonably served by public sewers.

Weetwood has the necessary technical skills to deliver science based evidence that is robust and hard to refute. Our experts are on hand to help resolve disputes across the water environment and are always pleased to offer quick appraisals of the merits of a case for an initial modest fee.