Site surveys

Weetwood is a leading independent consultancy specialising in flood risk, drainage and water management.

Good quality survey information is a pre-requisite for any development in order to ensure an application is founded on a robust evidence base.

Services we provide include:

  • Topographic Surveys: Whether to provide baseline information for flood risk studies or to inform a broader range of technical studies, we can prepare a specification, tender and manage topographic surveys of a site.

  • Watercourse Channel Surveys: Where a hydraulic model of a watercourse is required to investigate flood risk, detailed cross-sectional survey data of the modelled channel is required. Channel surveys are a relatively specialist undertaking and not all land surveyors possess the necessary expertise. We can prepare a specification, tender and manage channel surveys to ensure that the information provided is fit for purpose and will enable the watercourse to be efficiently modelled avoiding unnecessary and potentially costly delays.

  • Drainage Surveys: Drainage surveys are increasingly required at pre-planning or planning application stage to robustly demonstrate how a development site currently drains. Drainage surveys should typically provide details of the location, dimensions, invert levels, cover levels, mode of construction and condition of existing sewers, manholes and outfalls and where appropriate contributing areas and connectivity to the public sewer network. This information will help inform negotiation with sewerage undertakers and lead local flood authorities and can be used, if required, to enable drainage network models to be built to enable best value drainage solutions to be developed.

  • Infiltration / Percolation Testing: It is increasingly common for developers to demonstrate whether the disposal of surface water by infiltration is feasible at the planning application stage. This requires infiltration/percolation testing to be undertaken in accordance with national guidance and standards. We can specify, tender, manage and supervise infiltration testing and analyse the findings to determine whether the rates are sufficient for surface and/or foul water to be disposed of by infiltration.

We scope, procure, manage and interpret specialist surveys to inform flood risk, drainage and water management studies. We work closely with a small number of survey companies and contractors all of which have a proven track record. Our surveys are cost competitive and provide the information required to inform the relevant technical studies without the need for repeat visits or additional survey work.